Thursday, January 05, 2006

Martin Landau does not = Walter Matthau!

Seems I'm still having that mixup problem. Martin Landau is not the same as Walter Matthau, no matter how much they sound the same. Damn Germans. No wonder I couldn't find anything under Martin Landau for "Grumpy Old Men." It's a good thing I didn't mix that up and do a search on "Dirty Old Men." Inconsequentially I did make that sort of mistake the other day with the Beatles...I wanted the lyrics for "Golden Slumbers" but acidentally typed "Golden Showers." Into Yahoo!. Yikes. Don't do that.

Scores increasing...

Last night I had a record game--well over $30,000. Strangely enough, some of the random things I have been studying on have been coming up, such as a question on Reverend Spooner...which I had just studied last week.

Maybe I'm just bitter, but a lot of the questions I'm missing seem ridiculously pretentious. Who follows modern playwrights, anyway? How can a person possibly keep up with all of the fiction written in the past century, and who determines which ones are important? I think Danielle Steele is trash. I guess I have to get over that if I'm ever going to do well. That, or I have to find the "trigger" for her work.

Trigger clues are what got me my high score last night. For instance, there was some obscure question about some guy from an abbey in Europe. The beginning of the question, however, said something about rescuing people in the alps. Therefore, it had to be St. Bernard. These things can get you through so many questions. But then you get things like "The third husband of Elizabeth Taylor, this man ate a cheese sandwich for lunch on January 4th, 1952." And the annoying part is that there are actually contestants who know who is married to whom and all that nonsense. Ugh.