Thursday, December 29, 2005

One thing I have realized through studying for Jeopardy is that I really can't place a name with a face (or a face with a name). I'm particularly bad at movies and television--especially from before I was born. Seeing how I was born around the same time Dallas was on air, I've missed out on a lot. Here are some of the people I have confused (in order of least to most embarassing):

Neil Simon, Neil Young, and Neil Diamond (but not Lou Diamond Phillips ;)

Jack Nicholson and John Malkovich (they're both very strange male actors, what can I say)

Jessica Lange and Jessica Tandy (That's sort of a big difference).

Laurence Olivier and Lawrence of Arabia (what?)

At least last night I was able to pull out Michael Caine from the old inventory. I wouldn't have even known that if my fiancé hadn't mentioned him when we were watching the Cider House Rules one day. Knowing actors' names, faces, and roles is very important, so it's something I will be focusing on.


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